Stormy weather

At the seas up to force ten
It’s frightening for every seaman
Waves up high as a mountain
Slamming in again and again

The ship is shaking all over
Just left the port of Dover
Bound for sea into the darkness
Rolling and rolling, nothing less
Water splashing over the bow
With enormous force, as they know
No view, it’s a wall of water
Into which she dives, she doesn’t bother

Water and wind, both strong elements
There might be give frightening events
The wind sends the sailor a warning
A warning, which she cries and sings


The sunset on the western coast
Is the most beautiful to share
A seagull is gliding as free as can be
On the blow of the air
It’s gliding towards the sun
She is getting smaller and smaller
Wail the sun in his orange glow
Is getting slowly taller and taller

The large orange sun is softly going
Downward, down into the sea
Just looking at this phenomenon sight
Is nice for you and me
The sun is getting bigger and bigger
And almost touching the water
The view far away, to see at the horizon
I’m afraid it will shatter

The stars will soon by rising from where
Will they come, from the sea?
They will twinkle and shine high up there
A blessing for the sailor and me
The day now left, for the sun is disappear
At the horizon gone for the day
It will rice in the east again the next day
To give us warmth and for ever to stay

Angels of poverty

Angels of poverty
Help them in need
As angels indeed
Help who ever they see

See in hunger
With some food
As they should
Make them stronger

Stronger in life
And stronger in spirit
As they grow fit
So they can dive

Dive back into life
Life without hunger

3 gedachten over “English

  1. Dag Cees,

    Zojuist lees Ik dat de Great Bear Wilderness een van jou gedichten heeft geplaatst op de FB site…Gefeliciteerd man!

  2. Hello there Cees! A fine and very gifted poet, you do indeed write lovely poems! Truly enjoyed, I’m awfully sorry I’m unable to understand much Dutch. Wish I could! Thank you for sharing your wonderful poems! Granny Kari

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